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For every real-world situation there is a gap between optimal potential profits and actual profits attained. We see this profit gap as a field of opportunities. Profit Hawk enables leadership teams to clearly define and capture the opportunities that are being missed every day.

The dilemma

The dilemma

No matter how smart, successful and dedicated you may be, our brains are not equipped to analyze and choose the best combination of activities from among nearly unlimited possibilities. Neither are the cost-based tools and data management systems that leaders rely on. Unfortunately most leaders end up "simplifying" their enterprises and inadvertently losing profits every day, profits that are lost forever.

The solution

The solution

Profit Hawk is breakthrough, patent pending leadership decision making software that combines linear-programming modeling with activity-based costing to identify the best possible solution in any situation. There is no other tool like it. Our proprietary software uniquely enables you to increase profits by:

Measuring profit gaps (fields of opportunities)
Generating roadmaps to capture profit opportunities
Monitoring performance and progress using proprietary leadership metrics
Identifying and prioritizing profit constraints ― quantified profit opportunities

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Who will it help?

Who is it designed for?

Any enterprise that chooses to apply the technology and commit to its use. The complexity of even a small business quickly overwhelms spreadsheet and database efforts. And unless you are one-customer, one-product, one-process business, the complexity of your journey is well above the level necessary to profit from the system.

Consider Profit Hawk as it applied for your decision making.

Raw materials, semi-finished, recovered/recycled, materials based on future goals (if known)

Internal (e.g. executive, sales, operations, shipping, accounting, AP/AR)
External (e.g. distributors, inspectors, logistics, testing, finishing)
Departments based on future goals

Unique SKUs, finished, semi-finished, by-products, recyclables
Services along with products (e.g. design support, engineering, consulting)
Products/services based on future goals (if known)

Obvious geographic locations
Product-specific machines or production facilities at common sites, storage and distribution sites
Locations based on future goals (if known)

Current customers, customer levels based on history and future goals (if known)

Average over 3 years, or projected revenue. In millions of dollars.

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What is the risk?

What is the risk?

The risk is failing to capture the profits that are being lost every day because you and your team don’t have the right tools; the risk of employing Profit Hawk is grossly insignificant by comparison. The historical performance, even with previous generations of linear programming tools, is a perpetual gain of 3-5% of revenues in profit. The fundamental question is, "why not?" The only barrier to your increased profits are of our own making...

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Benefits of
Profit Hawk

"The most effective leaders apply both the art and science of profit optimization"

Profit Hawk provides the most advanced science as the BestPossible tool for leaders to optimize their profits.

Breakthrough technology

Profit Hawk is, first and foremost, a comprehensive decision-making system developed by leaders for leaders to capture the best possible profits.

Everything you need to succeed

"As a leader accountable for your company's P&L, the never ending challenge is to generate ever-greater opportunities and keep your teams motivated to achieve them"

This requires leadership with vision, creativity, a clear strategy, integrated tactics and effective operations - exactly what Profit Hawk supports

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We were first recognized in the book "Competing on Analytics - The New Science of Winning” by Thomas H. Davenport and Jeanne G. Harris, Harvard Business School Press. The book is about how manufacturing and distribution still have a significant opportunity.

Before our first implementations were complete our customers were bragging about their new capabilities. Our early adopters have been recognized by industry organizations such as Managing Automation for their use of the product (formerly called Profit InSight). One was awarded the Progressive Manufacturer, Business Model Mastery Award and the other achieved the ultimate recognition of Progressive Manufacturer of the Year.

We have been featured on 21st Century Business on CNN and MSNBC as a unique method of helping companies survive and thrive, particularly through these recessionary years.

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Profit Hawk was designed by business leaders for business leaders – we really are different. This is much more than a simple software purchase, the system will forever change the way you do business for the better.