A leadership breakthrough combining 40 years of enterprise optimization expertise with the latest technology.


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Andrew Bielat

Andrew Bielat, is a recognized expert in business performance and leadership, and the founder of Profit Hawk. He was a successful leader before starting Pilot Advisors, where he became a sought after executive coach and speaker. Profit Hawk fulfilled his vision of profit optimization tools for his clients.


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Eugene Bryan, PhD

The founding father of computerized enterprise optimization and the founder of Decision Dynamics and BestPossible Solutions, Inc., and principle author of The BestPossible® Enterprise, A Guide to Optimal Profits. Bryan continues to shape the conversation involving the intersection of leadership, business intelligence and enterprise optimization.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • ...improved the previous forecast by millions of dollars in profit. We could not have had a better early-win to prove the system's worth to our team. –Rob Simon, Senior Vice President and General Manager SDI 

  • I don’t think we could have found this solution as quickly using our standard practices. –Yury Krotov, Manager of Technical Services and Rail Welding


Profit Hawk founder Andrew Bielat discusses profit optimization and how Profit Hawk can help companies achieve their Best Possible profits.

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