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Profit Hawks book
Profit Hawks: Capture the Profits Being Lost Every Day to the Complexity of Your Business
Andrew C. Bielat, Eugene L. Bryan PhD – 2016

Profit Hawks explains how enterprise optimization technology is rapidly replacing outdated spreadsheets approaches to profit-related decision making. It is a must-have leadership capability in the age of analytics, enabling more effective decisions at every level resulting in greater profits. Profit Hawks provides essential insights into the future of leadership decision-making with a practical fact-based approach. Profit is your prey. Are you ready to hunt?

BestPossible Enterprise Book
The BestPossible Enterprise: A Comprehensive Guide to Optimal Profits
Eugene L. Bryan PhD, Andrew C. Bielat – 2013

If you are curious how it works and want more detail about enterprise optimization, this book is a must. It provides everything you need on your journey towards achieving your BestPossible future—your most profitable future. It includes the natural principles that apply to business and, the art & science of profit optimization, and the 5 step process of successfully proceeding on your journey.

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