Gain a new perspective


Profit hawk is an enterprise optimization system that provides a unique perspective to expose new profit opportunities and enable you to achieve your BestPossible

BestPossible Profit

The best-possible earnings available within the existing constraints and market opportunities

Profit Contributions

Specific profit contributions of individual products/product categories, by source, and customers/customer types

Profit Plans

Road-maps to BestPossible profits coordinating sales, procurement and production

Opportunity Values

Quantified bottom-line effects of all profit constraints focusing team creativity to make BestPossible better

Leadership Dashboard

Market-normalized: profit performance (Performance Index), achievement relative to BestPossible (Achievement Index) and creativity overcoming profit constraints (Creativity Index)

Prompt, creative and accurate decision making at all levels and for all types of profit-related decisions, including:

  • Yearly/long-term strategic planning
  • Quarterly/periodic tactical planning
  • Monthly/short-term operational adjustments,
  • Capital project identification, justification and prioritization
  • Disaster recovery
  • Supplier/vendor negotiations
  • Customer contract negotiations

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