Gain a new perspective


Profit hawk is an enterprise optimization system that provides a unique perspective to expose new profit opportunities and enable you to achieve your Best-Possible Profits

Best-Possible Profit

The best-possible earnings available within the existing constraints and market opportunities

Profit Contributions

Specific profit contributions of individual products/product categories, by source, and customers/customer types

Profit Plans

Road-maps to Best-Possible Profits coordinating sales, procurement and production

Opportunity Values

Quantified bottom-line effects of all profit constraints focusing team creativity to make Best-Possible Profits better

Leadership Dashboard

Market-normalized: profit performance (Performance Index), achievement relative to Best-Possible Profits (Achievement Index) and creativity overcoming profit constraints (Creativity Index)

Prompt, creative and accurate decision making at all levels and for all types of profit-related decisions, including:

  • Yearly/long-term strategic planning
  • Quarterly/periodic tactical planning
  • Monthly/short-term operational adjustments,
  • Capital project identification, justification and prioritization
  • Disaster recovery
  • Supplier/vendor negotiations
  • Customer contract negotiations

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